Sourcing of research projects

  • by public fundings
  • by contract research with industrial partners

Integration of students

  • In master programmes
  • In current research projects at the university
    • In challenging and interesting thesis
    • Job position in parallel to master study
  • Paid jobs in research projects

Contact for industrial partners

  • Low cost feasibility studies
  • Consulting and und project kick-off
  • Coordination of research projects
  • Supply of ready-to-use solutions

Interdisciplinary Cooperation

  • Between faculties
  • In overlapping competence fields

Research transfer

  • Economically for research refinancing
    • Filing of patents
    • Common commercialization with partners and clients
    • Licensing to industry
  • Scientifically
    • In workshops
    • New research activities with current and new partners
    • cooperative dissertations
    • Knowledge transfer between university and industry by common research projects

Prof. Dr. Peter Krzystek
Room: F 303

Tel.: 089 1265-2617
Fax: 089 1265-2698

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