Course List Winter Semester 2016/17

This course list is subject to change and will be regularly updated. Occasionally, some information is not available yet, but will be published soon. You may want to contact the lecturer for more specific information.
Please note that some courses are limited to a certain number of participants and that course times can overlap. In order to participate in the courses you should have a sound knowledge of English (at least B2 level). It is in the lecturer's sole discretion to bar you from the course, should you not meet the prerequisites.

Course Categories

In order to help students with their course selection,our courses in English are classified as follows (please note that regardless of this classification, the requirements listed in the course description have to be met):

“green” courses: are open to all (exchange) students from all departments; requirements according to the respective course description apply

“yellow” courses: are open to all (exchange) students, but students from the “home” department will be given priority; requirements according to the respective course description apply

“red” courses: are only open to (exchange) students from the “home” department; requirements according to the respective course description apply

1Advanced Architectural Design Studios (MA)* °°various teachers4+41510offered every semester,
not in online selection please just go to first session
1.1 Designtbatbatbatba
3.1 Designtbatbatbatba
5.1 Designtbatbatbatba
MA34 London Excursion (MA)* ***tbatbatbatba
2Special Geotechnical WorksSlominski454offered every semestergreen
Finite Elements for Plates°°Hausser454not in online selection please just go to first sessiongreen
3Dynamics for EngineersWolfsteiner454offered every semestergreen
Control Systems for Automotive and Aerospace EngineeringSiebold664offered every semestergreen
Aircraft SubsystemsKnoll222green
Flight MechanicsSiebold454offered every semestergreen
Aerospace Student Competitions and Research ProjectsKniesner354block course,
offered every semester
Impact Simulation of Vehicle Structures (MA)*Gitterle464green
Fatigue and Fracture (MA)*Rother464green
Alternative Energy Vehicle Design and Research Project (for project proposals see here)MacCarley354course cancelledgreen
4Network SecurityPaul454offered every semestergreen
Symmetric MatricesKahl454offered every winter semestergreen
Alternative Energy VehiclesMacCarley554not in online selection please just go to first sessiongreen
5Plant EngineeringHerz454offered every semestergreen
Abastecimiento Energético I **Pietsch24 or 53offered every semestergreen
Fluid MechanicsLiepsch454offered every semestergreen
Advanced Fluid MechanicsLiepsch354offered every semestergreen
ThermodynamicsPérez Ponce454offered every semestergreen
Tri-Generation & Solar CoolingSchweigler454offered every winter semestergreen
6Multibody Dynamics (MA)* Wiedemann454offered every semestergreen
Quantum Physics I with Mathematics Tutorial (MA)*Birner664offered every winter semestergreen
Micro- and Nanostructures (MA)*Schindler443offered every winter semestergreen
Physical Modelling and Simulation (MA)*Kersch664offered every winter semestergreen
Biomicro- and Bionanotechnology (MA)*Clausen-Schaumann464offered every winter semestergreen
7Technical WritingBalazs454offered every semestergreen
Linear AlgebraRuckert454green
Advanced Embedded Software Development (MA)*Barker454green
Operating Systems IIHaungs454green
Game DesignHaungs454green
Interactive Entertainment Engineering (MA)*Haungs454green
9Lean Management and Lean Administration (MA)*Rieger443yellow
International project with a partner university abroad (MA)*Döhl443yellow
Sustainability in Supply Chain Management (MA)*Ehm / Ponsignon443yellow
Strategic Planning for Engineers (MA)*Ramste443yellow
Strategic Marketing by Online Simulation Exercise (MA)*Gabrysch443yellow
Inbound and Outbound LogisticsKoether343yellow
Management Decision Making Supported by Data AnalysisMauerer343yellow
Change Managementtba343yellow
International Business (MA)*Friedmann443yellow
Marketing(Group 1)Cornelius443yellow
Marketing (Group 2)Cornelius443
Innovation Management (MA)*Gabrysch343yellow
Technical Product Management and Sales (MA)*Gabrysch454yellow
Marketing 1 Automotive-Marketing and Sales BasicsElias / Döhl343yellow
Engineering MechanicsHoffmann454yellow
Technical Marketing Cornelius454yellow
10Corporate Leadership and InnovationHammer454yellow
Financial Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis - International Financial reportingTrauttmannsdorff454
Financial EngineeringHäcker454green
International EconomicsHülsewig454
Intercultural Communication various454offered every semesterred
Creativity Enhancementvan Peel454block courseyellow
Intercultural Conflict ManagementSpree454course cancelled
Discrete MathematicsRöpcke454
Advanced International ManagementSudnik454red
Entrepreneurship Peisl454green
Project Studies: Digital Transformation of CompaniesBrehm et al.454yellow
Strategic Planning and International ManagementSudnik454red
International Strategy and Sales ManagementSudnik 454red
International EntrepreneurshipFranck 454yellow
Intercultural Business Communication and Management (MA)*Müllich454yellow
Interactive Competence and Intercultural Management (MA)*Müllich454yellow
International Market Study (MA)*Henzel454yellow
Business Entrepreneurship: Theories and Strategies (MA)*Sudnik454red
Entrepreneurial Financial Strategies (MA)*Ruhnke454yellow
11Group DynamicsDr. Radu-Ioan Popa

Introduction to PsychologyDr. Radu-Ioan Popa

25 Credits together with Educationred
Teamwork and LeadershipDr. Radu-Ioan Popa

12Innovating with Design: the Process Behind Great Digital ProductsBrion464yellow
13Meaningful work vanSonnenberg222green
Participatory Leadership and Facilitation: A Hands-on-SeminarEvans222green
German Grammar in English for International Students Block432offered every winter semestergreen
Utopias and the Information SocietyDíaz Nafría222offered every semestergreen
A General Understanding of InformationDíaz Nafría222offered every semestergreen
Big Brother is watching you: The culture of surveillanceJärvenpää222offered every semestergreen
Let's make a Deal!Järvenpää222offered every semestergreen
Germany today: Issues, Cultures, IdentitiesJärvenpää222green
Great Minds in Economics: John Maynard KeynesLupas222offered every semestergreen
Management, Leadership and the TheatricalLupas222offered every semestergreen
Manga and Anime: A look at Japan's (pop) cultureSinn222offered every semestergreen
From Dracula to twilight: the metamorphosis of vampires in changing societiesSinn222offered every semestergreen
Physics of LogicZimmermann222offered every semestergreen
Lion, Unicorn, Tiger ? Britain and Ireland todayBrandstetter222green
Sports are political!Price222green
Intercultural conflict preventionKaldschmidt222green
14Intercultural challenges in the tourism industryLink122block course,
offered every semester
Tourism Destinations WorldwideHuber232block course,

course cancelled
Intercultural Competence II - Focus on Asia ***Chang454offered every semesteryellow
Intercultural Competence II - Focus on USA ***Bauer454offered every semesteryellow
Tourism Economics II ****Bauer254offered every semestergreen
Hospitality Management & ConsultingBrabant232offered every semesteryellow
Product Management of a tour operatorSchulz232offered every semesteryellow
Event management and conference organizationDworak232offered every semesteryellow
Sustainability Management in TourismLindner232yellow
Destination ManagementKühnel-Widmann232yellow
International MarketingSchnabel232yellow
Introduction of Sales - Tools, Concepts and StrategiesFleck232yellow
The Future of Human Resource ManagementFieser232yellow
Health TourismSteckenbauer232yellow

D = department = Fakultät

SWS = Semesterwochenstunden (2SWS = 1,5 h; 1SWS = 45 Minuten)

US Credits: The US credit points mentioned above are calculated as follows: ECTS points divided by 1.5 (and then rounded up). This calculation is meant to serve as a rough guide only and is not applicable to all US university systems.

tba. = to be announced (noch nicht festgelegt)

* Master students only

** This course is held in Spanish and does not count for the CiE certificate.

*** This course is identical to the course Interkulturelles Training II (Y551/Y552) of our regular BA Tourism Management programme.

**** This course is identical to the course Tourismusökonomie II (Z521) of our regular BA Tourism Management programme.

°° This course does not count for the CiE certificate.