Course List Winter Semester 2018-19

This course list is subject to change and will be regularly updated. Occasionally, some information is not available yet, but will be published soon. You may want to contact the lecturer for more specific information.

Please note that some courses are limited to a certain number of participants and that course times can overlap. In order to participate in the courses you should have a sound knowledge of English (at least B2 level). It is in the lecturer's sole discretion to bar you from the course, should you not meet the prerequisites. Please also note that the lottery does not guarantee the student´s place in a course.

Course Categories

In order to help students with their course selection,our courses in English are classified as follows (please note that regardless of this classification, the requirements listed in the course description have to be met):

“green” courses: are open to all (exchange) students from all departments; requirements according to the respective course description apply

“yellow” courses: are open to all (exchange) students, but students from the “home” department will be given priority; requirements according to the respective course description apply

“red” courses: are only open to (exchange) students from the “home” department; requirements according to the respective course description apply

Department 01 Architecture

CourseLecturerSWSECTSUS creditsCategoryLevel
Advanced Design Studios I (AD) (MA)*Berktold81512RedMaster
Advanced Design Studios I (AD) (MA)*Bruno81512RedMaster
Advanced Design Studios II (UD) (MA)*Kappler81512RedMaster
Advanced Design Studios II (UD) (MA)*Kretschmann81512RedMaster
Advanced Design Studios III (BD) (MA)*Hartig81512RedMaster
Advanced Design Studios III (BD) (MA)*Essig81512RedMaster
Interdisciplinary Studies 1 Building DesignEssig22,52RedBachelor
Interdisciplinary Studies 1 Building DesignSchiemann22,52RedBachelor
Interdisciplinary Studies Architectural DesignBerktold22,52RedBachelor
Interdisciplinary Studies 1 Urban DesignOtt22,52RedBachelor
Interdisciplinary Studies 1 Art and Design ResearchBartoli22,52RedBachelor
Interdisciplinary Studies 1 Art and Design ResearchBontjes van Beek22,52RedBachelor
Interdisciplinary Studies 1 Art and Design ResearchKim22,52RedBachelor

Department 02 Civil Engineering

CourseLecturerSWSECTSUS creditscategoryLevel
Special Geotechnical Works (MA)*Slominski454GreenMaster
Finite Elements for PlatesHausser454GreenBachelor

Department 03 Mechanical, Automotive and Aeronautical Engineering

CourseLecturerSWSECTSUS creditscategoryLevel
Dynamics for EngineersWolfsteiner453GreenBachelor
Control Systems for Automotive and Aerospace EngineeringNietsche/Perttula664GreenBachelor
Fatigue and Fracture (MA)*Rother464GreenMaster
Impact Simulation of Vehicle Structures (MA)*Gitterle464GreenMaster

Department 04 Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

courseLecturerSWSECTSUS creditscategoryLevel
Network SecurityPaul454GreenBachelor
Simulation Practice with Matlab/SimulinkIrber454GreenBachelor

Department 05 Building Services Engineering, Paper and Packaging Technology and Print and Media Technology

Tri-Generation & Solar CoolingSchweigler454GreenBachelor
ThermodynamicsPérez Ponce (Chile)454GreenBachelor
Patent Law (MA)*Wittmann22,52YellowMaster
Innovation Management (MA)*Sailer22,52YellowMaster
Chemical Engineering (MA)*Eggerath454YellowMaster
Intercultural communication (MA)*Kohr22,52YellowMaster
Abastecimiento Energético I***Pietsch254GreenBachelor

Fluid Mechanics

Advanced Fluid Mechanics

Department 06 Applied Sciences and Mechatronics

Multibody Dynamics (MA)*Wiedemann454GreenMaster
Physical Modelling and Simulation (MA)*Kersch464GreenMaster
Fiber Optic Sensing Technology (MA)*Yang (China)564GreenMaster
Thin Film Optics (MA)*Yang (China)564GreenMaster
Micro- and Nanostructures (MA)*Schindler464GreenMaster
Biomicro- and Bionanotechnology (MA)*Clausen-Schaumann464GreenMaster
Project Management (MA)*Mahnke464YellowMaster
English in Science and Technology (MA)*Higgs243YellowMaster
Quantum Physics I (MA)*tba864GreenMaster
Quantum Physics II (MA)*Gramich464GreenMaster

Department 07 Computer Science and Mathematics

Computer NetworksSoceanu454GreenBachelor
Secure Network ManagementSoceanu454RedBachelor
Technical WritingBalazs454GreenBachelor
Linear AlgebraRuckert454GreenBachelor
Quantum Information (MA)*Tornow454GreenMaster
Algorithms and DatastructuresMigler-Von Dollen (USA)454GreenBachelor
Graph Theory (MA)*Migler-Von Dollen (USA)454GreenMaster
Advanced Software EngineeringVon Dollen (USA)454GreenBachelor
Computer Networks IIZugenmaier454GreenBachelor
Research Methods in IT Security (MA)*Alt454GreenMaster

Department 08 Geoinformatics

Rapid Response Techniques in Remote Sensing for Natural Disasters Ulloa Torrealba454GreenBachelor

Department 09 Engineering and Management

Marketing (Group A)Cornelius343RedBachelor
Marketing (Group B) Cornelius343RedBachelor
Digital MarketingCornelius343YellowBachelor
Technical Marketing (MA)*Peter454RedMaster
Marketing and Sales, BasicsElias343RedBachelor
International project with a partner university abroad (MA)*Döhl443RedMaster
Product Management and Technical Sales (MA)*Gabrysch454RedMaster
Innovation Management (MA)*Gabrysch343RedMaster
Strategic Marketing by Online Simulation Excercise (MA)*Gabrysch443RedMaster
Strategic Planning for Engineers (MA)*Ramste 443RedMaster
Engineering MechanicsHoffmann454RedBachelor
Change ManagementNagbou343YellowBachelor
Lean Management und Lean Administration (MA)*Spitznagel443RedMaster
Inbound and Outbound LogisticsKoether343RedBachelor

Department 10 Business Administration

Agile Project ManagementGünzel454YellowBachelor
Project Studies: Digital Transformation of CompaniesHell, Schweinar 454YellowBachelor
Intercultural CommunicationAlbers-Mitchell454RedBachelor
Intercultural Communication
(Group 1)
Intercultural Communication (Group 2)Kalb-Krause454RedBachelor
Intercultural CommunicationBrunnhuber454RedBachelor
Intercultural CommunicationScott454RedBachelor
Intercultural CommunicationMüllich454RedBachelor
Cross-cultural Management and NegotiationsBrunnhuber454YellowBachelor
International Management Accounting and Financial ReportingRuhnke454GreenBachelor
International Financial ModelingHäcker454YellowBachelor
Financial ModelingHäcker454RedBachelor
Strategic Planning and International ManagementSudnik454RedBachelor
International Strategy and Sales ManagementSudnik454RedBachelor
Corporate Leadership and InnovationHammer, Peisl454RedBachelor
Essencial Strategies and Skills for Cross-Cultural NegotiationArnaud454GreenBachelor
EntrepreneurshipBeemsen (South Africa)454GreenBachelor
Personal MasteryBeemsen (South Africa)454GreenBachelor
Interactive Competence & Intercultural Management *(MA)Müllich454RedMaster
Intercultural Business Communication and Management *(MA)Müllich454RedMaster
Entrepreneurial Financial Strategies *(MA)Ruhnke454RedMaster
Group Accounting and Transfer Pricing *(MA)Ruhnke454YellowMaster
Business Analytics: Decision-Making by Data Mining and Data Science (MA)*: Greiner454RedMaster
Economics of Digitization (MA)*Henzel454RedMaster
Agile Management for Entrepreneurs (MA)*Günzel454RedMaster
Digital Technology: Design, Marketing and Commercialization (MA)*Gutknecht454RedMaster
Digital Technology Management: Products, Processes and Systems (MA)*Brehm454RedMaster

Department 11 Applied Social Sciences

CourseLecturerSWSECTSUS creditscategoryLevel
Entrepreneurship: Business PlanningDürr, Humpe454YellowBachelor
Meditation and Artde Bruin354YellowBachelor

Department 12 Design

CourseLecturerSWSECTSUS creditsCategoryLevel
Design of Digital Products and ServicesKoebler464YellowBachelor

Department 13 General and Interdisciplinary Studies

What do you really know when you get information? The Odyssey of PhilosophyDiaz Nafria (Spain)222GreenBachelor
From ancient Utopias to Cyberutopias. An introduction to Political Philosophy Diaz Nafria (Spain)222GreenBachelor
Participatory Leadership and FacilitationEvans222GreenBachelor
Sustainable Lifestyles, Planning and Practice for a Sustainable Future Evans222GreenBachelor
Critical Literacy in a Post-Truth Era Järvenpää222GreenBachelor
Big Brother is watching you: The culture of surveillanceJärvenpää222GreenBachelor
Historical buildings and monuments in Munich
Let's make a deal!
Making Work Meaningful: Theory, Research and Application in Positive Psychology and Positive Organizational Scholarshipvan Sonnenberg (USA)222GreenBachelor
Fairy Tales: More than wolves, witches and nasty stepmothers Bittner222GreenBachelor
Global Managment Simulation (Group 1)Ittstein222GreenBachelor
Global Managment Simulation (Group 2)Ittstein222GreenBachelor
Global Digital EntrepreneurshipIttstein222GreenBachelor
Global Virtual Innovation TeamsIttstein222GreenBachelor
Germany today: Issues, cultures, identities Järvenpää222GreenBachelor
Manga and Anime: A look at Japan`s (pop) CultureSinn222GreenBachelor
German Grammar in English for International Students Block43,2GreenBachelor

Department 14 Tourism

Intercultural Challenges in the Tourism IndustryLink122YellowBachelor
Tourism and transport: State of the art and emerging issues (B-MA)**Klassen2
Intercultural Competence: Focus on Latin America*****Schröder 454YellowBachelor
Intercultural Competence: Focus on the USA****Bauer454YellowBachelor
International Marketing (B-MA)**Schnabel232YellowBachelor
Qualitative Market Research in Tourism (B-MA)**Freni232YellowBachelor
Tourism Economics ****Bauer254YellowBachelor
Event management and conference organization (B-MA)**Dworak232YellowBachelor
Product Management of a Tour Operator (B-MA)**Schulz232YellowBachelor
Sustainability Management in Tourism (B-MA)**Lindner232YellowBachelor
HR Transformation (B-MA)**Fieser232YellowBachelor
Hospitality Management & Consulting (B-MA)**Brabant232YellowBachelor

D = department = Fakultät

SWS = Semesterwochenstunden (2SWS = 1,5 h; 1SWS = 45 Minuten)

US Credits: The US credit points mentioned above are calculated as follows: ECTS points divided by 1.5 (and then rounded up). This calculation is meant to serve as a rough guide only and is not applicable to all US university systems.

tba. = to be announced (noch nicht festgelegt)

*(MA): Master level course

**(B-MA):This course is for Master and Bachelor students

*** This course is held in Spanish and does not count for the CiE certificate.

****This course is identical to the course "Tourismusökonomie II (Z521)" of our regular BA Tourism Mgmt Program.

***** Students can choose only one of both courses. This course is identical to the course "Interkulturelle Kompetenz II (Y551/Y552)" of our regular BA Tourism Mgmt Program.