Course List Summer Semester 2019

This course list is subject to change and will be regularly updated. Occasionally, some information is not available yet, but will be published soon. You may want to contact the lecturer for more specific information.

Please note that:

- some courses are limited to a certain number of participants and course times can overlap.

- prerequisite for participating in courses in English is a sound knowledge of English (minimum requirement of B2 level). It is in the lecturer's sole discretion to bar students from their course, who do not meet the prerequisites.

- the registration for Courses in English involves a lottery process.There is no guarantee for placement in all desired courses.

- the Courses in English programme is not a degree course. It simply comprises individual courses held in English in the various departments that are open to all students enrolled at Munich University of Applied Sciences irrespective of their own field of study.

Course Categories

In order to help students with their course selection,our courses in English are classified as follows (please note that regardless of this classification, the requirements listed in the course description have to be met):

“green” courses: are open to all (exchange) students from all departments; requirements according to the respective course description apply

“yellow” courses: are open to all (exchange) students, but students from the “home” department will be given priority; requirements according to the respective course description apply

“red” courses: are only open to (exchange) students from the “home” department; requirements according to the respective course description apply

Course registration:

For international exchange students: The registration will take place via the online system Primuss.

For regular students: Please contact the individual departments for further information on the registration process.

Department 01 Architecture

CourseLecturerSWSECTSUS creditsCategoryLevel
Advanced Architectural Design Studio I (AD) (MA)*Künzel, Bontjes van Beek81512RedMaster
Advanced Architectural Design Studio I (AD) (MA)*Langenberg, Botti81512RedMaster
Advanced Architectural Design Studio II (UD) (MA)*Benze81512RedMaster
Advanced Architectural Design Studio II (UD) (MA)*Schmid81512RedMaster
Advanced Architectural Design Studio III (BD) (MA)*Wolfrum
Advanced Architectural Design Studio III (BD) (MA)*Schieman, Hammer81512RedMaster
Focus Project 1 (ADR) (MA)*Bontjes van Beek453RedMaster
Interdisciplinary Studies 2 Building Design Khoja22,52RedBachelor
Interdisciplinary Studies 2 Architectural Design Berktold22,52RedBachelor
Interdisciplinary Studies 2 Urban Design Kappler22,52RedBachelor
Interdisciplinary Studies 2 Art and Design Research Kim22,52RedBachelor

Department 02 Civil Engineering

CourseLecturerSWSECTSUS creditscategoryLevel
Special Geotechnical Works (MA)*Slominski454GreenMaster
Finite Elements for PlatesHausser454GreenBachelor

Department 03 Mechanical, Automotive and Aeronautical Engineering

CourseLecturerSWSECTSUS creditscategoryLevel
Dynamics for EngineersWolfsteiner454GreenBachelor
Fluid Mechanics for Mechanical EngineersSchiebener454GreenBachelor
Fundamentals of Computational Fluid DynamicsGubner454GreenBachelor
Composite materialsHoroschenkoff454GreenBachelor
Fatigue and Fracture (MA)*Rother464GreenMaster
Vehicle DynamicsPfeffer, Förster454Green Bachelor
Design and Function of Automobiles with LabMintzlaff454GreenBachelor
Automotive Mechatronics Krug454GreenBachelor
Internal Combustion EnginesDoll, Rau443GreenBachelor
Automotive and Aerospace Control Systems Owen (USA)664GreenBachelor
Mechanical Engineering Project Wolfsteiner354GreenBachelor
Automotive Project Mintzlaff354GreenBachelor
Aerospace Engineering ProjectKniesner354GreenBachelor

Department 04 Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

CourseLecturerSWSECTSUS creditscategoryLevel
Advanced Analog Circuit DesignUnterricker, Münker454GreenBachelor
Symmetric Matrices (B-MA)**Kahl354GreenBachelor
Advanced Image Processing (MA)* Zhang (USA)354GreenMaster
Microcomputer (Arduino course)Irber454GreenBachelor

Department 05 Building Services Engineering, Paper and Packaging Technology and Print and Media Technology

Plant EngineeringHerz454GreenBachelor
Abastecimiento Energético I, II, III (B-MA)**/***Pietsch254YellowBachelor
Printed Electronics (Block course)Schmidt464YellowBachelor
Emerging Trends and Technologies in Graphic Communication (MA)*Rong (USA)464YellowMaster
Emerging Trends and Technologies in Graphic Communication Rong (USA)464YellowBachelor
Marketing (B-MA)**Wölflick232RedBachelor
FACS-Fundamentals of Air-Conditioning SystemsRenner222Green Bachelor
ThermodynamicsPérez Ponce (Chile)454GreenBachelor
Automation I (B-MA)**Kleemann454YellowBachelor
Statistics and Design of Experiments (B-MA)**
Sustainable Development
Case Study: Projects in Digital BusinessDelp464RedBachelor
Fluid MechanicsLiepsch454GreenBachelor
Advanced Fluid Mechanics (B-MA)**Liepsch354GreenBachelor
Intercultural CommunicationPart IAlnajjar232YellowBachelor
Business Communication and Management Part IIWeilnhammer222YellowBachelor

Department 06 Applied Sciences and Mechatronics

Multibody Dynamics (MA)*Wiedemann454GreenMaster
Semiconductor and thin film technologySchindler454YellowBachelor
Modelling and Testing of Products and Processes (MA)* (Block course)Eerme (Estonia)464YellowMaster
Tool Design and Manufacture (MA)* (Block course)Farrugia (Malta)464YellowMaster
Design of integrated circuits (MA)*Fischer/Menczigar464GreenMaster
Quality Management and Applied Statistics (MA)*Holler, Preussger464RedMaster
English in Science and Technology (MA)*Higgs464YellowMaster
Quantum Physics I (MA)*Kersch864GreenMaster
Photoacoustics for Material Characterization (MA)*Wu464GreenMaster
Applied ElectronicsMenczigar454YellowBachelor
Power Electronics (tbd)Mahnke454YellowBachelor
Structure-function relationship in electronic materials (MA)*Kolhatkar (Canada)464GreenMaster
Scanning probe microscopy (MA)*Kolhatkar (Canada)464GreenMaster
Heat and Mass TransferKersch454GreenBachelor
Imaging Optical Design (MA)*Nikolaus4 6 4GreenMaster
Application of density functional theory for computational material science Minár (Czech Republic)232GreenBachelor
Programming in Python and Applications in Materials Science Minár (Czech Republic)232GreenBachelor

Department 07 Computer Science and Mathematics

Technical Writing in Computer ScienceBalazs454GreenBachelor
Event Driven Systems (MA)*Barker454GreenMaster
Secure Network ManagementSoceanu454GreenBachelor
Mobile Application DevelopmentSocher454GreenBachelor
Technical Computer Science IIOrehek454GreenBachelor
Big Data Analytics (MA)*Spieler454GreenMaster

Department 08 Geoinformatics

Remote Sensing CartographyKammerer454GreenBachelor
Remote Sensing 1Schmitt, Kammerer, Ulloa Torrealba454GreenBachelor

Department 09 Engineering and Management

Ergonomics & Practical TrainingBrombach332RedBachelor
Marketing and Sales, Automobile
(Marketing und Vertrieb Automobilwirtschaft)
Elias, Nührich454Red Bachelor
Technical Marketing (MA)*Peter454RedMaster
Product Management and Technical Sales(MA)*Gabrysch454RedMaster
Innovation Management (MA)*Gabrysch343RedMaster
Strategic Business Simulation (MA)*Gabrysch443RedMaster
Design Thinking and Human-Centered-Design (MA)* (Block Course)Bock/Maisch443RedMaster
Machine Components 1Hoffmann454RedBachelor
Management Decision Making Supported by Data AnalysisMauerer343YellowBachelor
Change Management (Block course)Forster343RedBachelor
3D-printing & nano-3D-printing designRebhan, Burnett (USA)343RedBachelor
Aerodynamic Principles for Automotive DesignBrombach-Randall343YellowBachelor
Engineering Mathematics IIRebhan454RedBachelor
Data Analysis Voelkmann443Red Bachelor
Lean Management und Lean Administration (MA)* (Block course)Spitznagel443RedMaster

Department 10 Business Administration

International Financial ModelingHäcker454YellowBachelor
Financial ModelingHäcker454RedBachelor
International Operations and Supply Chain ManagementKrischke/Kumpf454GreenBachelor
Legal Preparedness in DigitizationWeiden454GreenBachelor
120 Intercultural Communication ABrunnhuber454RedBachelor
120Intercultural Communication BKalb-Krause454RedBachelor
120Intercultural Communication CKalb-Krause454RedBachelor
120Intercultural Communication DMüllich454RedBachelor
120Intercultural Communication EScott454RedBachelor
120 Intercultural Communication FMüllich454RedBachelor
International Management Accounting and Financial ReportingRuhnke454GreenBachelor
254Project Studies: Digital Transformation of CompaniesHell, Schweinar454GreenBachelor
256/551Agile Project Management (Block course)Günzel454GreenBachelor
257/552Project Studies: Projects in Digital BusinessBrehm, Anderl454GreenBachelor
221 Corporate Leadership and InnovationHammer/Peisl454YellowBachelor
222 International Strategy and Sales ManagementSudnik454RedBachelor
132 Strategic Planning and International ManagementSudnik454RedBachelor
227 Cross-cultural Management and NegotiationsBrunnhuber454YellowBachelor
131 Entrepreneurship (Block course)Beemsen454YellowBachelor
226 Sustainability and Ethics in a Global ContextZollner454YellowBachelor
311 Methodological and Social Competences: Motivational Leadership (Block Course)Mayor (Finland)454YellowBachelor

311 Methodological and Social Competences: Intercultural Aspects in Project Management (Block Course)
Hunter (Canada)454YellowBachelor
M 1.2 Global Innovation: Intercultural Communication and Management (MA)*Müllich454RedMaster
M 1.6 Innovation Strategy:
Modelling Merger & Acquisition Processes (MA)*
M3.2 Intercultural Competence and Negotiation (MA)*Müllich454YellowMaster
Business Entrepreneurship: Theories and Strategies (MA)*Ittstein454YellowMaster
Digital Technology: Intellectual Property Rights and Legal Rights (MA)*Haarmann, et al454YellowMaster
Digital Business Development: Trends and Strategies (MA)*Müller454YellowMaster
Digital Technology: Big Data and Data Analytic (MA)*Anderl454YellowMaster
Digital Technology: Product and Service Management (MA)* (Block course)Bergner454YellowMaster
Legal Issues for Digital Entrepreneurs (MA)*Weiden454YellowMaster
Personal Mastery (block course)Beemsen454YellowBachelor

Department 11 Applied Social Sciences

CourseLecturerSWSECTSUS creditscategoryLevel
Social Work in Theory and PracticePötter232YellowBachelor
Current Challenges of Social Work in Europe with a Global perspective - Global Sessions in Munich (Block course)Pötter354RedBachelor
Current Challenges of Social Work in Europe with a Global perspective - Global Sessions in Munich (Block course)Iser354RedBachelor
Current Challenges of Social Work in Europe with a Global Perspective - Global Sessions in Munich. Challenges in healthcare from a nursing and health science perspective (Block course)Herold-Majumdar354RedBachelor
Scenario DevelopmentDürr354GreenBachelor
Meditation and Art in Social Workde Bruin354YellowBachelor
Working with Groups and Teams (Block course)Reichart354YellowBachelor
Scientific Writing Duncan254YellowBachelor

Department 12 Design

CourseLecturerSWSECTSUS creditsCategoryLevel
Design of Digital Products and ServicesKöbler464YellowBachelor

Department 13 General and Interdisciplinary Studies

Fairy Tales: More than wolves, witches and nasty stepmothersBittner222GreenBachelor
The American Language - History and CultureBlock222GreenBachelor
Frankenstein reloaded - Science and technology in literature and filmBrandstetter222GreenBachelor
A Journey through Philosophy. What do you really know when you get information?- Block courseDiaz Nafria (Spain)222GreenBachelor
From ancient Utopias to Cyberutopias. An introduction to Political Philosophy- Block courseDiaz Nafria (Spain)222GreenBachelor
Historical buildings and monuments in Munich- Block course Dobler222GreenBachelor
Big Brother is watching you: The culture of surveillanceJärvenpää222GreenBachelor
Let's make a deal!Järvenpää222GreenBachelor
Germany today: Issues, cultures, identitiesJärvenpää222GreenBachelor
Super Power on its knees? A look at America's problems and their solutionsSinn222GreenBachelor
Improvisation Theatre Workshop and Performance - Block courseCoddington-Burnett (USA)222GreenBachelor

Department 14 Tourism

Tourism and Transport: State of the art and emerging issues (B-MA)**Klassen232YellowBachelor
International Marketing (B-MA)**Schnabel/Höfling232YellowBachelor
Qualitative Market Research in Tourism(B-MA)**Freni232YellowBachelor
Intercultural Competence: Focus on Latin AmericaSchröder454YellowBachelor
Intercultural Competence: Focus on Australia and the Asia Pacific Region*Junek (Australia)454YellowBachelor
Intercultural Competence: Focus on the USA*Bauer454YellowBachelor
Tourism Economics***Bauer252YellowBachelor
Product Management of a tour operator **Schulz232YellowBachelor
Sustainability Management in Tourism (B-MA)**Lindner232YellowBachelor
Seminar Tourism Enterprise Management (B-MA)** Junek (Australia)232YellowBachelor
Special Aspects in Tourism (B-MA)**: The Visitor Experience: Contemporary Concepts and Characteristics Junek (Australia)232YellowBachelor
Special Aspects in Tourism: Current and future challenges in health tourism (B-MA)** (Block course)Pillmayer454YellowBachelor
Introduction to Leadership - theory and basicsWerner232YellowBachelor
Empirical Business Research (MA)*(Block course)Tukamushaba (Qatar)454YellowMaster

D = department = Fakultät

SWS = Semesterwochenstunden (2SWS = 1,5 h; 1SWS = 45 Minuten)

US Credits: The US credit points mentioned above are calculated as follows: ECTS points divided by 1.5 (and then rounded up). This calculation is meant to serve as a rough guide only and is not applicable to all US university systems.

tba. = to be announced (noch nicht festgelegt)

*(MA): Master level course

**(B-MA)This course is for Master and Bachelor students

*** This course is held in Spanish and does not count for the CiE certificate.

****+1 Credit with additional presentation

*****Master students preferred, Bachelor students with advanced academic interest in the subject and high level of English are also accepted.

******Students can choose only one of both courses.

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