Course List Summer Semester 2020

This course list is subject to change and will be regularly updated. You may want to contact the lecturer for more specific information. Some courses are limited to a certain number of participants and that course times can overlap. Please find information on times, rooms and start date for each course in the last column on the right called "times, room, start" of each table.

The start of summer semester 2020 at MUAS has been postponed to April 20th. There may be online teaching options before that on a voluntary basis. The lecture period will begin completely digitally on April 20th. At this point, it is not yet foreseeable whether it will be possible to gradually return to classroom teaching over the summer.

Information on German language classes: The language courses are expected to be taking place digitally starting April 20th. Registration for international exchange students: Please contact the lecturers of your classes directly via e-mail between April 14th and 17th. You will find their contact information here (under part-time lecturers).

  • Department 02 Civil Engineering

  • Department 04 Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

  • Department 06 Applied Sciences and Mechatronics

  • Department 07 Computer Science and Mathematics

  • Department 08 Geoinformatics

  • Department 09 Engineering and Management

  • Department 12 Design

  • Department 13 General and Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Notes

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