Booking System

The booking system (also called VVK) is an online tool originally used within the faculty of Business Administration and Engineering. In general, it is used to communicate with students; also, you will be able to create your own personal study plan and timetable. With your registration, we know which courses you are in, so in case a lecture is cancelled, we are able to send you an email to inform you. Some lecturers will send documents to you and keep you informed about all you need to know related to your courses. For this reason it is necessary to register for courses through this booking system.

Please note that this booking system will only be used for IPBA and all courses within the department of Business Administration and Engineering (Dept 09). For all other courses from the departments of Business Administration (Dept 10) and Tourism Management (Dept 14), you will need to attend their welcome days or contact Ms Maier (Dept 10) and Ms Dittrich (Dept 14).

Why register?

You are free to chose as many courses as you wish from the course list . However, as most of our courses have a limited number of available spaces, we strongly recommend you to register early. Registration is quick and simple and the following description will guide you through the process.

Please note that all information is treated strictly confidential.

Why am I on a waiting list?

When you register for a course, you will automatically be put on a waiting list which works on a "first-come-first-serve" basis. This is to avoid overbooking and to check each individual case. However, your reservation is made and a place for you is booked tentatively. You then need to attend the first class, where your reservation will be transferred to the actual booking (based on your date of registration). If you do not show up or if you are late on the first class, you risk losing your reserved space.