Sustainability at MUAS

“Sustainability entails placing environmental issues on a par with social and economic considerations. If we are to fulfil our responsibilities to future generations, we must leave them an intact ecological, social and economic system. One can not be achieved without the other.” (adapted from the Council for Sustainable Development )

For a number of years, the Munich University of Applied Sciences has supported the principles of the UN Decade of 'Education for Sustainable Development'. We are committed at the University to the theory and practice of sustainability and its inter-disciplinary implementation in teaching, research, and administration. Besides environmental protection and responsible resource use, this also involves aspects such as gender and diversity, and a working environment which takes into account family and health considerations. Sustainable development is, for us, a fundamental obligation, both with respect to all present members of the University as well as to future generations, and is taken into account in our decisions.
Prof. Dr. Michael Kortstock, President of the Munich University of Applied Sciences

Our leaflet 'Sustainable Development at the Munich University of Applied Sciences' gives a resumé of the many activities on offer in this field in the Summer Semester 2012. These range from sustainability related and specific lectures, seminars and research projects to specific courses of study. In order to further this approach, we especially look forward to active participation of students and staff in sustainability projects at all levels.