International Students

Tobias Bleisch, USA

I loved my time studying abroad at MUAS as an undergraduate student in software engineering so much that I came back for a research exchange in my graduate program. Munich is a beautiful city and there's so much in the area to explore, whether that's wandering through the shops on Kaufingerstraße and stalls at the Viktualienmarkt, strolling through the English Garden, visiting amazing castles nearby like Neuschwanstein, or hitting up the night life near Karlsplatz. I had excellent support throughout my stay from my advisor at MUAS and from the International Office, so I never felt like I was alone in the city. However, I think the most rewarding aspect of my stay truly was becoming friends with and getting to know some of the locals! My German language skills have improved dramatically, and I've made connections that I know will last past my short stay there.

Arquimedes Ferlin, Brazil

The support team provided me with all the needed documents for the VISA request and offered me the best value student apartment – all you need before arriving. It was a good time to learn more about Germany and the cities – and even countries – near Munich. Anyway, nothing can prepare you for the real life experience. Relax and be prepared to be adaptable. In my opinion, Germany is the country with the most successful social welfare politics among the biggest economic forces. Here, you can learn much more than science and maybe help your country even more than you thought.

Vitali Karpenhoe, Ukraine

The students at Munich University of Applied Sciences are always provided with 100% information. This is something I really like.

Brittany O'Neill, USA

My first impression of Munich was an extremely safe environment in a fairly large city. There were so many opportunities for places to see, people to meet and areas to practice my German. I was greeted warmly by the welcome buddy MUAS prepared for me. She really helped me in getting settled and finding my way through the bureaucratic difficulties. MUAS has been very supportive! The international office has a wonderful team that has taught me a lot of things that I will bring back to my home university in Philadelphia.

DaeSik Kwak, South Korea

My dream is to be a car engineer and Germany is a leader of automotive industry in the world; especially Munich. Since I am very interested in technology of mechanics, the first thing that I did was visiting the Deutsches Museum and BMW Museum. Munich is also host to one of the biggest festivals in the world, Oktoberfest. It is a fantastic festival because there are so many different kinds of beer and kind hearted German people. Finally, Munich has different kinds of sports facilities in Olympiapark such as swimming, dancing, and badminton. I can definitely say that Munich is the perfect city in the world to study and enjoy culture and sports.

Joseph Kana, Cameroon

I chose Munich University of Applied Sciences because it offers applied study in an economically strong location, which is why I stayed with the university not only for my bachelor’s degree but also for the master’s. During my studies, I gained insights into many areas of electrical engineering. The good level of contact with the teachers and the support of the administrative staff were much appreciated.

Amirabbas Sahab, Iran

I've been in Munich as a kid during the Octoberfest time and I really liked it. As Germany and the Munich University of Applied Sciences are really good in my subject cartography, it was very important to me to study here.

Thiago Lemos, Brazil

Munich is a fantastic city, you can go everywhere by bike or by train, it is amazing!

Vicent Marqués Montoro, Spain

Munich is a multicultural city where you can meet people from all around the world. One of the most wonderful places to enjoy real Bavarian food is the Augustiner Brauerei - there you can taste delicious food and the best beer in the world for a very low price. Another thing you can't miss is Tollwood festival in winter. Taste the famous "Glühwein" that will help to warm you up when temperatures like -10ºC are reached. There is also a summer edition of Tollwood in July. If you like vintage clothes, bikes, furniture or just "weird" things you must go to the Olympiapark Flohmarkt.This city had such an influence on me. After my studies I decided to stay longer, looking for a job and living a new life far away from my family and friends. However I received a really warm welcome from the German culture and the satisfaction of mixing with it.

Myles Wittman, USA

The best way to really experience Munich is to ditch the U-Bahn and ride a bike! Munich is a beautiful city, and you can never fully understand this until you hit the streets with two wheels. is the best website to use to find one, sometimes for as low as 30 Euros. Happy riding!


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