Qualifications and recruitment

Work-study degree programme

HM Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences and the numerous companies working in partnership with the university offer a wealth of opportunities for work-study degree programmes. There are two basic forms of study: combined study (study in combination with an apprenticeship) and study with intensive practical work (study and intensive practical work at the workplace, without training).

In addition to the bachelor's work-study degree programme, there is the option of completing a master's work-study degree programme with intensive practical work.

The advantages of work-study degree programmes are:

  • Attracting young and motivated qualified staff at an early stage in their careers
  • Employing academics with practical training and close company ties
  • Time and cost savings by avoiding additional staff training programmes
  • Choosing the major fields of study together with the work-study students
  • Benefiting from the close ties and good contact with the university

Your collaboration means the inclusion of your company in our database and in the Bavaria-wide database of the hochschule dual initiative, and your involvement in the HM Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences public information day.

Further information can be found here: www.hm.edu/dual (in German only)


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