Continuing education and life-long learning

Our objective is to enable students with family and work commitments to successfully obtain further higher education qualifications. The continuing education portfolio of Munich University of Applied Sciences therefore has the following features:

  • Flexible programmes: Classes in the evening, in blocks, or at weekends with integrated distance learning components provide flexibility in terms of both time and location. It is also possible to study part-time in line with the building block principle to gradually obtain ECTS-compatible module certificates or complete whole degree courses.

  • Adult-oriented teaching methods: We offer an appropriate balance of face-to-face teaching, distance learning modules, self-study, and the application-oriented integration of innovative teaching content. Our training methods address the challenges of the professional practice. They help to ensure that topics taught can be directly applied and tested in the workplace.

  • An atmosphere conducive to learning: A fully equipped learning environment and pleasant learning atmosphere are provided by the team in the centrally located and newly established continuing education centre. The continuing education centre is very conveniently located, just four tram stops away from Munich's central train station.

Our courses in detail:

  • Master's degree programmes
    are intended for those with an undergraduate (bachelor’s) degree and usually at least one year's employment in their chosen career. These academic programmes are usually subject to fees and allow students to obtain a master's degree while still in employment. Classes are given in blocks, during evenings and/or at weekends. The alternation of classes and independent study allows students to combine the demands of work, study, and family life.

    The master's degree programmes at Munich University of Applied Sciences usually carry 90 credits and are taken over a period of four to five semesters. Degree courses carrying 60 or 120 credits are also available. Some programmes allow you to select individual modules..

    Please contact us if you are (still) unable to find the right degree programme for you.

  • University certificates
    for those in employment combine classes and independent study. Compared to master's degree programmes, they are smaller in scope and cover a narrower range of subject areas. They are taken part-time over a period of one to three semesters and carry 10 to 30 credits. The fee-paying programmes lead to a university certificate and carry Munich University of Applied Sciences credits.

  • Company-specific training courses
    are tailor-made by Munich University of Applied Sciences in line with practical requirements and the latest knowledge. The scope and depth of these continuing education training courses is less than that of study courses or university certificates and help your company to meet a specific training need.

An up-to-date overview of the master's degree programmes and university certificates can be found here: www.hm.edu/weiterbildung (in German only)


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