Courses in German - Registration

Incoming students go to the first lesson and talk to the lecturer if it is possible to take the class, provided that there are enough places.

You can view the lecture timetables of the German-speaking specialised courses for your degree programme on the corresponding department pages .

Correct scientific writing

During your studies you are often asked to prepare a paper as an assignment. The purpose of such a paper is to demonstrate that you have understood the main content of the lecture. Therefore, it is necessary that one can recognise what your personal contribution to the paper is and for this you need to use citation rules correctly.

Please ask the lecturer at the start of the course about the citations rules that should be applied.

You can also make use of the information session “Einführung in wissenschaftliches Arbeiten” (in German) of the library in Lothstraße 13, that is offered free of charge several times each semester. The dates for the session are announced on the library's website .

Over and above that, it is part of academic honesty not to take somebody else's ideas and use it as your own idea. Intentionally not using referencing to disguise that you are using another person's work is called plagiarism. Plagiarism can lead to the consequence that your paper will be excluded from examination and will not receive any credits for the course.