Living Costs in Munich

Below you will find an overview of living costs in Munich. In comparison to other German cities Munich is a rather expensive city. Please note that the following numbers are only approximate numbers and your actual costs can vary. You should, however, take into account that you need approx. 850-1000 € per month for basic living.

per month (approx.)

- student residence hall and private residence halls (depending on size of the room)
- room in a shared flat
- single apartment

up to 350 €

300 - 600 €
500 - 800 €
Food200 €
Leisure time activities150 € - 200 €
Public transport (Semesterticket)193 €
Health insurance for students from non European countries or from countries without social security agreement with Germany only)90 €
Internet / telephone30 €
Licence fee ("Rundfunkgebühren") for television and radio17,50 €
for more information, please see the brochure
per item (approx.)
Cup of coffee3,50 €
Beer (0.5 litre)4,60 €
Visit of open air pool4 €
Visit to the cinema8 - 15 €
Entry to a night club5 - 15 €