Application Bachelor for international students

Application period

Winter semester: 02.05. – 15.07. (Exception: Architecture and Design, deadline 15.06., Portfolio for Design 31.05)

Summer semester: 15.11. – 15.01. for all degree programmes

To that deadline all certificates are to be submitted to MUAS. The pre-check through uni-assist or the APS has to be done earlier.

Start early!

Please make sure that you prepare your application early enough!

Getting certified copies or translations of documents or sitting German language tests may take some time. In addition, the preliminary review documentation (VPD) can take 6-8 weeks.

Please understand that we can only accept applications submitted within the application period and with complete documentation!

How to start: Certificate review

If your certificates (school, university) were not acquired in Germany, they have to be reviewed by uni-assist or APS (ONLY for applicants from China, Mongolia and Vietnam).

Uni-assist e.V. checks if you can study directly at a German university or if you have to attend a foundation course (Studienkolleg) first. They also convert your average grade to the German grading system.

You can find information whether your school certificates are recognized at (available in German only)

Certificates to be submitted to uni-assist

1) The printed and signed online application form by uni-assist. Please use the option „Bachelor-Alle Fächer“ and do not name any specific course.

2) An officially certified copy of your school certificates and / or your university credits (where applicable).

3) An officially certified translation of your certificates into German or English.

4) A copy of your passport (possibly a certificate of change of name, does not have to be certified).

5) A resume / CV. Have a look at our sample German CV.

Please also refer to the special information on certain countries that uni-assist provide.

An evaluation of your certificates takes 4-6 weeks. Please note that uni-assist charge an administration fee of € 75 for their services. The pre-check will only start once payment is received. Please remember to pay and submit everything on time.

After the preliminary review documentation

You have direct university entrance qualificationYou have to attend a foundation course (Studienkolleg)
You can apply to MUAS directly.

Application documents:

1. Apply for each course in our online portal (in German only) of MUAS (maximum 5 courses)

2. Upload the preliminary review documentation from uni-assist (VPD) OR your certificate from APS with the average grade (for applicants from China, Mongolia or Vietnam) in online portal

3. Upload further documents: a certificate of completed pre-study internship or German language (ONLY if required; is to be submitted at enrolment at the latest)

Please refer to the list of degree programmes that require a pre-study internship (available in German only).

4. All documents uploaded are to be submitted in original form at enrolment

Please DO NOT send any documents by post or e-mail!
Please apply to Studienkolleg Coburg directly and do not send your documents to MUAS.

What is a Studienkolleg?

It is a foundation course for international students in Germany. It will be required if the school leaving certificate of your home country is not recognized in Germany as university entrance qualification.

Where should I attend Studienkolleg?

The Studienkolleg for Universities of Applied Sciences in Bavaria is located in the city of Coburg. All information about application, certificates and entrance exam are available at

After completing Studienkolleg, you can apply to all Universities of Applied Science in Germany (NOT to universities like TUM, LMU)

What level of German language skills is required?

All the Bachelor's and most of the Master's degrees are taught in German. Therefore you need advanced knowledge of the German language (Level C1). A language certificate is to be submitted at enrolment at the latest. An enrolment without proof of German language skills is not possible.

Is there an entrance qualification test?

An entrance qualification test and a portfolio is required only for Architecture and Design.

Information for Architecture (in German only)
Information for Design (in German only)

For all other courses the study places are allocated according to grades without any entrance qualification test. All Bachelor courses have limited places.

Minimal entrance grades (German grade system) from past semesters in individual degree courses (in German only)

Admission and enrolment

You will receive your letter of admission

  • for the winter semester around mid-August,
  • for the summer semester around the beginning of February.

The letter of admission includes all further information about enrolment.

Please note our information on visa application and residence permits.

Original documents (in paper form) are to be submitted at enrolment!

Mentoring programme

You have been admitted to MUAS? Would you like to be well prepared for your studies? Then you should take part in our mentoring programme for international first year students.


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