Visiting Scholars and Staff

Jennifer and Steffen Peuker, Cal Poly, USA

It has been a wonderful experience so far at HM and Munich. The colleagues at HM are terrific, very supportive, knowledgeable and experts in their field. We enjoy the interaction with the highly qualified German students as well as with the international students. We see now why HM is highly ranked within Germany and why HM is an ideal partner university for Cal Poly for exchanges, both for students and faculty. The staff in the International Office is very supportive and knowledgeable and made our transition smooth and easy. Munich is a great city with lots to offer in all segments such as food/drink (Oktoberfest!), culture, shopping, events, etc. as well as locations close to Munich such as Neuschwanstein, the Alps, parks and Legoland (important if you have a six year old). Although we only spent half a year here now, we already know it was one of our best decisions to come to HM and it will be a sad moment when we have to leave at the end of July but we hope to come back to HM in the future.

Chih-Kuang Lin & Mark Anthony Reynolds

Prof. Dr. Chi-Kuang Lin, National Central University, Taiwan
Prof. Dr. Mark Anthony Reynolds, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Florida, USA

Chih-Kuang Lin and Mark Anthony Reynolds


Prof. Dr. Chih-Kuang Lin: To me, Munich is a city just about the right size compared to other major cities I have visited. Munich has a great integration of arts, culture, architecture, science, industry, commerce, higher education system, and sports. It is also a very safe city. As many Bavarian cultural traditions are still carried on in this city, no wonder Munich is called “a village of million people.” I truly agree with this saying and have the same feeling after I have been living here for a month and experienced the Oktoberfest. Thanks to the convenient transportation system, I can easily access diverse leisure activities in Munich and surrounding areas.

Prof. Dr. Mark Anthony Reynolds: Munich is great. I arrived in the middle of Oktoberfest, and it was crazy sometimes! But I prefer the "Biergarten" around München. People are very relaxed and enjoying themselves. I have also ridden my bike around central Munich, and I like the buildings, like Alter Peter.

Prof. Dr. Madhumeeta Sinha, EFLU Hyderabad, India

After a first short stay in Munich I decided to come back for an entire semester. People here are very friendly and curious about my home country, India. In particular I like that my classes about Indian culture and English language bring together students from various disciplines and cultures. With its mix of tradition, culture and modernity, Munich has become a second home to me.

Prof. Dr. Franz J. Kurfess, Fellow from Cal Poly, USA

Having been in "exile" in California for about 15 years, I greatly welcomed the opportunity to spend a semester in my home country at HM, teaching two courses on Artificial Intelligence and Human-Computer Interaction. The students are well-prepared and highly motivated, pretty much in line with ours at Cal Poly. There are plenty of opportunities to enhance and initiate collaborations with Cal Poly, especially with the strategic partnership between the two universities funded by the DAAD. With excellent support from the International Office and the Department of Computer Science and Mathematics, my stay so far has gone very well, and it will be difficult to leave Munich.

Regena L. Scott, Ph.D., Purdue University, Indiana, USA

Teaching as a fellow at HM has been a very special and meaningful experience. The faculty in my department has gone out of their way to include and befriend me. They shared their resources, knowledge and time, and after I purchased a “dirndl” they awarded me honorary Bavarian status before I left. The International Office staff and administrative personnel consistently went the extra mile to help solve the very few problems that arose and worked hard to make my stay in Munich very special. Finally, my students were incredible! My classes were comprised of a truly internationally diverse group of students and we had a great deal of fun getting to know each other while blending learning and teaching styles, and cultures. Thanks to the HM community for being so inclusive.

Dr. Charles Krusekopf, Royal Roads University, Canada

Munich is a great place for families with kids. We have explored the city by bike taking advantage of the bike lanes, compact nature of the city and flat terrain. Some favorite places include: the Olympiapark which is very near the Lothstraße campus, Schloss Nymphenburg, and the Englischer Garten. Bikes are available in the central train station for short term stays, or at several second hand stores for longer stays. On the weekends we have enjoyed visiting the many lakes near Munich and the alps for hiking, biking, swimming and beer gardens. Lakes such as the Starnberger See, Ammersee, Staffelsee and others can all be reached in about an hour by train from the central station, and Garmisch or Mittenwald are just over an hour away and offer access to numerous hikes in the alps.

Elisabeta Zelinka, Ph.D., West University Timisoara, Romania

München welcomes you from moment one. You needn’t be a historian to notice her grand, royal air, her people’s warmth and their dignified cultural flamboyance… a refined, yet touching mélange of grand imperial past and postmodern warped-up pragmatism. An inspiring cultural and academic atmosphere is also the distinguishing feature of HM Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences. Open-mindedness, warmth and welcoming smiles go hand in hand with academic excellence in class. Collaborating with students and teachers at HM was an eye-opening experience. No matter where you come from, at Hochschule München you will find welcoming embraces, cosmopolitanism, "reasoning out of the box", professionalism and the world-famous German discipline.

Dr. Patrick Lemieux, Summer School lecturer, Cal Poly, USA

My experience teaching at HM has been amongst the most fulfilling and rewarding of my professional life: the camaraderie between faculty and students is productive and informal; the staff is always helpful; the facilities are state-of-the-art; and the cultural diversity and impact second to none. All this taking place in a venue, Munich, that has to be one of the most pleasant and easy-to-be-productive cities on Earth. What a treat! The summer teaching program, in an accelerated format over 2 weeks, is both necessarily focused and challenging. Because of all these reasons, I am actively planning to continue participating in this program year after year, and to encourage my colleagues at Cal Poly to join me in this one-of-a-kind, life enriching experience.

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