Academic Program

Select two credit courses that are taught in English by multinational teams of two renowned lecturers from Munich University of Applied Sciences, Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship and California Polytechnic University.

40 student-professor contact hours are guaranteed in all courses including laboratory experiments and simulations.

This is equivalent to 4 ECTS-credits or 3 US-credits. All courses will be assessed and marked so that you can receive credit for the program at your home university. Please read below for detailed course descriptions.

All courses are taught in English by multi-national teams lead by two renowned academics.

SubjectContact hoursUS-credits / ECTS credits
Smart Vehicles403 / 4
Engineering of Sustainable Energy Systems 40 3 / 4
Microcontrollers for Everyone 40 3 / 4
Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems40 3 / 4
Smart Environments 40 3 / 4
Sustainable Entrepreneurship 40 3 / 4
German Language and Culture47 (in class) plus excursions4 / 6