The interdisciplinary master programme Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation enables graduates to either start their own digital business or lead corporate digital transformation projects to success.

Designing solutions for the digital world
Digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, or Blockchain will continue to revolutionize business models of established industries. Many start-ups build their value proposition on these new technologies. According to a PWC study from 2018 the contribution of digitization and smart automation to global GDP is expected to be about US$ 15trillion by 2030. This digital revolution asks for qualified employees and passionate founders to design innovative solutions that improve our business and personal lives.

Your key benefits

  • project work at the core of the study programme
  • interdisciplinary and international teams
  • individualized study plan
  • safe environment for experimentation
  • building strong networks

Unique approach

The master programme Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation is unique of its kind in various ways:

  • it was founded and is being coordinated by six departments of the HM Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences (FK 03, 05, 07, 09, 10, 12) together with its affiliate institute, the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship
  • it allows for open access for motivated students from different study backgrounds from all over the world
  • students work in interdisciplinary teams on their projects over the period of three semesters
  • students gain practical experiences on how to create and implement innovative solutions in the digital era
  • students deepen their knowledge on entrepreneurship, digital technologies and business models
  • students visit complementary master modules through multi-faculty framework

Career Opportunities

The master programme paves the way for graduates to start their own business either as being a founder or co-founder.

As graduates of the master programme you will also be qualified to find employment as intrapreneurs in established companies e.g. developing digital products or services, or shaping digital strategies.

  • Curriculum (overview)

  • Admission requirements and application process

  • What exactly is the project description?

  • Applicants with international degrees

  • Missing ECTS credit points

  • Self-assessment of qualification

  • German proficiency

  • Study programme at a glance

  • Application for winter semester: May 2 - June 15