Academic Content

To get the most from the company visits the summer school offers three attendant academic courses:

The Future Supply Chain Management course focuses on the challenges facing the currently successful German supply chains in the years to come. You will understand the development of supply chain and operations management in Germany and have an overview of the main future challenges. You’ll be able to explain the relevant trends in detail and identify strategic priorities for specific companies. Basic knowledge of supply chain risk management completes this part of the course.

The German Way of Operational Excellence course focuses on established and proven methods of German companies in a global context. Best practices examples show how operational excellence is implemented and how German companies will be prepared for future challenges.

If you want to do business in Germany, you have to be aware of what drives people in this country. In the Doing Business in Germany course you will learn about economic history as well as Germany's economy today. Social and economic trends in the European context will also be discussed.

All courses are taught in English by teams of two renowned lecturers from Munich University of Applied Sciences: Prof. Andre Krischke and Prof. Jürgen Spitznagel.

You will receive 6 ECTS for (3 US credits) for the academic content.

Please download the complete course description here.

Professors and Lecturers

Prof. Dr. Andre Krischke
Professor for Logistics and Supply Chain Management in the Department of Business Administration

Prof. Dr. Juergen Spitznagel
Professor for Logistics and Supply Chain Management in the Dept. of Engineering and Management

Ms. Viola Kraus
Lecturer for Intercultural Management