Resonances, Vibrations, Shocks, External mechanical forces and Detection methods for Lithium Ion Batteries

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Oliver Bohlen
Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Laboratory electrical energy storage

In many everyday applications, lithium ion batteries are subject to mechanical stresses such as vibration, shock and other external forces. The impact of such stress scenarios on durability and safety has been little considered in science yet.

The aim of the ReVISEDBatt project is to use realistic scenarios (automotive, material handling, rail, logistics / transport, power tools) to make well-founded statements on the influence of mechanical operating loads (periodic, dynamic, static) on the battery cell aging and safety for all common battery cell formats. These findings serve as a basis for the investigation of battery modules. The aim is to analyze and explain the mechanisms of action of a combined electrochemical-mechanical aging and to derive recommended actions for improving the battery cells and the modules, including contacting, bracing forces and the battery management system (BMS) for transport and operation.

Munich University of Applied Sciences aims to develop novel measuring methods for the detection of mechanical damage. The aim is to find solutions that enable the diagnosis in a real-time implementation that can be used in highly integrated battery management systems (BMS). The BMS should enable the detection and localization of mechanical damage before reaching a critical condition. Finally, the measurement methods and algorithms developed in this way will be implemented and tested on a prototype BMS.


Running duration:
15.09.2017 - 14.09.2020, extended until 31.03.2021

Funded by:
Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, BMWi

Project executing organisation:
Project Management Jülich

Project partners:

  • Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC (Joint Coordinator)
  • Technical University of Munich, Institute for Electrical Energy Storage Technology - EES
  • Technical University of Munich, Institute for Machine Tools and Industrial Management iwb
  • TÜV Süd Battery Testing GmbH
  • Hilti Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH
  • HOPPECKE Advanced Battery Technology GmbH
  • Infineon Technologies AG
  • thyssenkrupp System Engineering GmbH
  • Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (associate partner)


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