Research project

Local support structures for young refugees with a right to remain

At the centre of the research is the question: which agents in civil society, especially in terms of self-help and migrant organisations, are active in the field of the integration of refugees entitled to residence in education and work, and how does the professional network of the non-profit sector cooperate with the informal and market-related networks?

Generally, not much research exists at all concerning the question how self-help and migrant organisations contribute to the integration of recent immigrants into German society. In terms of what is offered locally and regionally, mainly the subjects of education and unemployment are brought up, but are not discussed thoroughly. Further studies have focussed on the cooperation of migrant and non-migrant organisations, specifically the cooperation of migrant organisations and local authorities.

In addition to self-help and migrant organisations, the volunteer work of people without a background in migration plays an important role in the support of (young) refugees.

Due to the nature of the study, the research questions can only be answered at a local level. As the location of an exemplary case study, the city of Munich is particularly suitable for such research.

Running duration:
01.10.2018 - 31.12.2021

Funded by:
The Bavarian Ministry of Science and Art


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