Research Project

Health promotion and violence prevention in nursing homes

Prof. Dr. Markus Witzmann
Applied Social Sciences, Department 11

Nursing staff is in need of good working conditions to assure motivation at work and personal health to not get neglected, at the same time Nursing home residents have to be safe without being cared for by humiliation and violence. Those subjects go hand in hand - neither one should be overlooked”(www.gesund-gewaltfrei.bayern 2020).

Nursing violence is multifaceted and often appears very complex. All people present in a nursing home can and will be victims and / or perpetrators - residents, employees from all disciplines, relatives and volunteers. Violent acts and / or experiences are not only to be understood as physical assaults, also all acts perceived by the others as humiliation and violence against their dignity.

The project "Health Promotion and Prevention of Violence in Nursing Homes", which is carried out jointly by AGP Social Research at FIVE eV (subproject management Prof. Dr. Thomas Klie), the Munich University of Applied Sciences (subproject management Prof. Dr. Witzmann) and the Hans Weinberger Academy AWO e.V. (subproject management, Dr. Claus Heislbetz) and funded by health and long-term care funds in Bavaria, is designed as a prevention project for personnel and organizational development with accompanying effectiveness research. For example, the project includes preventive measures against violence in fully inpatient care in Bavaria for residents of care facilities in accordance with Section 5 SGB XI and employees in fully inpatient care in Bavaria in accordance with Section 20b SGB V.

Adjoining with various institutional providers and in-patient nursing staff, this is intended to contribute to these important subject areas.

In addition, the project is supported by a specialist advisory board throughout the entire project period of three years - with the aim of guaranteeing comprehensive, technically strategic and system-relevant reflection and advice.

The Advisory Board is organized and carried out by the Munich University of Applied Sciences and is intended to include representatives of the nursing and health insurance funds involved, the cooperation partners, the MDK Bavaria, the PKV test service, the FQA, the BGW, the ZQPs, the service provider associations in Bavaria, the Bavarian government in the person of the care and patient representative, the association of nurses in Bavaria, the Bavarian district council (or umbrella organizations of the municipalities) and the association of nursing schools.

In addition to the organization and implementation of the advisory board, the central tasks of the Munich University of Applied Sciences are:

  • The organization of the conference in autumn 2020 for general project information and presentation as well as for networking the participating institutions.
  • The development of the partial questionnaires for the psychosocial stress and strain on employees in nursing homes, as well as their implementation and evaluation.
  • Participation in the systematic literature search and preparation of the intervention methods identified.
  • Participation in the acquisition of interested institutions to participate in the project.
  • Participation in participating observations in the participating institutions.
  • Participation in the project organization and continuous project controlling as well as in the creation of relevant interim and final reports on the entire course of the project to ensure the project results.

Further information about the project - for example on the underlying concept of violence, the process, the participants, the interventions and methods involved and the presentation of the entire project team - is available at: www.gesund-gewaltfrei.bayern.

Running duration:
01.01.2020 - 31.12.2022

Funded by:

  • AOK Bayern, Munich
  • BKK Landesverband Bayern, Munich
  • KNAPPSCHAFT Regionaldirektion Munich
  • Sozialversicherung für Landwirtschaft, Forsten und Gartenbau, Kassel
  • Verband der Ersatzkassen e. V., Berlin


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